7 Reasons Why People Love iERA (and it explains why a few hate)

iERAThe Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA), are loved by many Muslims. Don’t misunderstand me here, they have done mistakes and have erred, but this is only typical of a relatively young organisation involved in inviting others to the Oneness of Allaah. Consider the social environment and attitude in the West towards Islam. It is not all rosy. These are difficult times. Instead of hating we need to start loving and uniting. Back to the main point, iERA are loved by Muslims. They have support from all types of Muslims; sufis, deobandis, atharis, asharis, maturidis, and many others who refuse such labels. They have worked with and have received support and encouragement from Shaykh Akram Nadwi, Shaykh Zahir Mahmood, Shaykh Nasir Janga, Ustaadh Nouman Ali Khan, and many others. They have grass roots support from all types of Muslims. A brief glance at the social media profile shows this type of support. The facebook pages they own have a collective following of over 700,000 people.

Why do the majority of Muslims who engage with IERA’s work love iERA, and why do some, usually a jealous minority who have achieved nothing and just moan and groan all the time, hate or show hate (sometimes veiled behind unconstructive criticism)? (Note here that some haters have valid criticisms, but they are exposed as vile and jealous because they do not provide contructive criticism for the brothers and sisters at iERA to improve. Everyone does mistakes. If someone is really concerned and sincere they must approach others). There are a few reasons.

Reason number 1:

iERA admit their mistakes and change their course of action if they are given constructive feedback. Take for example their promotion of “scientific miracles in the Quraan”. They changed their approach using a better way of talking about science in the Quraan. This approach has been used on the grass roots level and has been very successful as it addresses (or by passes) all of the attacks against the original approach. Even Ustaadh Nouman Ali Khan has promoted this approach to students of knowledge.

Reason number 2:

iERA are popular. Their speakers are the most popular global speakers on Islam. Their speakers attend more campuses and events around the world, especially in the UK, than many other organisation.

Reason number 3:

iERA are approachable. My personal dealings with them shown me that they are sincere and willing to learn and want to hear ways on how to improve. They show love to all Muslims. Some volunteers who have been a little naughty have always been told off and told to retract or change their ways.

Reason number 4:

iERA have, by the will of Allaah, changed the hearts of thousands of nonmuslims. iERA have thousands of people who converted to Islam. Many of these new muslims have maintained their faith and have been nurtured by iERA’s Muslim now programme. No other organisation has achieved so much.

Reason number 5:

The work they have done has raised the bar when it comes to output. Just take a look of what they have achieved in the past few years (this will really shut the mouths of jealous people who just slander and can never speak to people face to face to help others improve):

– Organised conferences & events with over 30,000 people attending

– Delivered over 200 lectures in the UK, between 50,000 – 75,000 people attended

– EIRE, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, USA, Canada, Jamaica, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Malawi, Australia, South Africa, Turkey,  – 20 countries

– Internationally around 200,000 people have been reached directly through these events.

– Videos have millions of views

– Produced 214 videos shared across social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter with over  3.2 million views

– Over a Million more views on other YouTube channels

– Researched and produced Series on Islam Channel called Face the Faith

– Researched and produced Series on Peace TV called The Proof Islam is the Truth – this has Millions of views.

– Launched Radio Dawah

– Formulated the GO RAP (God’s existence, Oneness, Revelation and Prophethood) Dawah technique

– Delivered dawah training course called Call of Duty to over 10,000 people through half, 1 or 2 day courses.

– Online training accessed by over 30,000 people

– Individuals training each other in GO RAP – one video alone has nearly 6,000 views.

– Produced 15000 copies of pocket dawah manual – also available online

– Developed and delivered new-Muslim mentoring course called NRG to over 6 teams

– Developed education content for new-Muslim residential retreat with 500 people attending

– Developed a new-Muslim education course called Step by Step

– Produced and distributed over 3000 new-Muslim Welcome Packs.

– Developed and run 6 new Muslim retreats called Journey through life with over 500 people attending

– Non-Muslims Perceptions of Islam research mentioned by Sky News and The Guardian

– Life Questions – to inform the production of the second generation of our materials aimed for non-Muslims

– The following One Reason material:

  • Another View
  • Journey through the Qur’an
  • Selected verses of the Qur’an
  • Science in the Quran
  • The man in the red underpants
  • Muhammad (pbuh) in the Bible
  • 3 Reasons for God
  • Why am I Here?
  • What is my Phone made from?
  • Think outside the box
  • Dawah Gift Box
  • Neighbours Booklet

– Article refuting Tom Holland’s documentary Islam: the untold history

– Article on Science and the Qur’an: A new approach

– Article on Evolution and the philosophy of science

– Developed & delivered over 60 advanced dawah webinars to 3000 people. Topics include:

  • The Islamic Response to the Problem of Evil
  • Islam, Qur’an and Science
  • The Corruption of The Bible
  • Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): Liar, Deluded or Truthful?
  • Islam’s War on Oppression – A Historical Journey
  • The Designed Universe
  • Islam: The Misunderstood Religion
  • The Qur’anic Argument for God’s Existence
  • The Literary Miracle of the Qur’an
  • Islam’s War on Poverty
  • Know God, Know Good: God and Morality
  • Open Q & A on the Rational Foundations of Islam
  • Does the Qur’an Contain Scientific Miracles?
  • No God, No You: Consciousness and God’s Existence
  • Self-Discovery
  • Does Islam Need Feminism?
  • Is Atheism Unnatural? God and Our Natural Disposition

– Developed & delivered 6 advanced dawah seminars called Eternal ChallengeDivine Reality  to 1300 people.

– Developed & delivered advanced dawah course “Dawah Power” via AlKauthar Institute. This course was delivered in South Africa (Durban and J’Burg), Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), UK (Manchester). Trained over 1,800 people.

– A new research blog with a popular post “Consciousness and the New Scientist Magazine: Reflections on False Materialist Assumptions”

– Over 100 dawah missions within the UK to build teams

– Support over 30 dawah teams in UK through organising, mentoring, training.

– International missions to Sweden, Norway, Serbia, USA, Canada, Jamaica, Bahrain, Malawi, Australia, South Africa, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania & Mauritius

– MOTIVATED and given KNOWLEDGE to teams in the UK & the rest of the World to take similar action.

– Distributed and licensed printing for over 2 million dawah materials for free Globally

– Distributed over 50,000 dawah gift boxes

– Distributed 150,000 neighbours booklets including at 40 masaajid.

– Developed the website www.onereason.org for non-Muslims, which has had over 250,000 unique visitors

– Participated in over 30 debates touching on contemporary topics such as Atheism, Existence of God, Morality and Christianity & Islam. Debate the likes of Professor Lawrence Krauss, Dr Ed Buckner, Professor Peter Simons, Professor Simon Blackburn, Dr Stephen Law, Dr Brendan Larvor, Dan Barker, Dr Peter Cave and many others.

– There’s more. But I’ll stop here as I think the point has been made.

Reason number 6:

iERA do great work for nonmuslims in UK and board. They have supported the charity Age UK, Great Ormond Street Hospital, encouraged Muslims to donate blood, reduced hatred and promoted social cohesion in the US and Canada. See their community section of their site here http://www.iera.org/community.

Reason number 7:

They stick to mainstream Islam and do not sell out orthodox Islamic values and principles to please those who a liberal and secular agenda.

Please share and forward this post.

May Allah preserve iERA and all the Muslims who do good work.

May the peace of Allaah be with you all,

Abu Maryam.



2 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why People Love iERA (and it explains why a few hate)

  1. I particularly like the seventh reason. It makes me feel proud and confident of my faith when I see these Muslims not being ashamed of their principles, even if someone doesn’t like them. May Allah reward them and help them.

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